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    Design and technology make a pretty good pair. In fact, together with ideas, they have a hand in just about everything. Light bulbs, telephones, airplanes. Assembly lines and payroll systems. Lower overheads, higher profit margins, and better customer service. The Internet.

    It aint a bad deal. Especially when it comes to business. And lucky for you, its what this company does best.

    This is not just a studio. Its Pinus. With good taste and great technology, we design compelling visuals, user-friendly web sites, and custom web applications for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Its a totally fantastic job, but hey, somebody gotta do it.

    Our goal is to produce work that gets noticed... and gets you results. We recognize the importance of attracting attention and motivating your audience and we never settle for the typical. We strive to go an extra step, creating designs that arouse the spirit, stir the senses and entertain the mind. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the buzzwords.

    Our approach to design includes exploring the competition and understanding the market, but ultimately doing what works best for you, your business and your budget. While exceptional design is at the heart of Pinus, you will find we are good business people who meet deadlines and are obsessive about customer service.

    Clients List

    • - Hotel Sriti

    • - HK Mustika Gold

    • - Eben Haezer Computer

    • - Victory Insiders

    • - Mokbali - Tour & Travel

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    Pinus firmly believes that all aspects of a business marketing efforts should work together to create a cohesive brand image. We offer a full range of marketing services including affordable solutions for both print and web. We find that the strength of any advertising or marketing campaign is maximized when all aspects are delivering the same, strong message. That said, we are happy to work with you on any individual project.

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    SN Gunung Jati no3,
    Magelang, 56123
    Jawa Tengah.

    Telephone: +62 857259 09779

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